ALS Board Members

HH Prince Saud Bin Khalid Bin Abdullah – Chairman.
• Bachelor’s Degree (Economics) University of Southern California (USC).
• Master’s Degree (Business Administration (MBA)) – University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).
• Master’s Degree in (International Affairs International Banking and Finance) Columbia University (NY).
• Mawarid Group.

Mr. Feda Ahmad Al Khatib – Secretary
• University Degree in English Language and Literature.
• Educational Consultant: Member of the Advisory Board of The International Educator (TIE), USA.
• Institutional Member of the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE), USA, and have been attending its annual conferences since 1995.
• Also serve as Secretary of the Board of Trustees.
• Active participation in international educational conferences, training and workshops since 1995, such as the Fall Leadership Conferences NESA, and the AEM IB Organization.
• Nine years of extensive experience in the Diplomatic Corps, and twenty seven years in Executive management, Public, Government and International Relations within a prestigious conglomerate of companies in Riyadh.
• Member of the Saudi National Committee on International Education since 2011.

Dr. Ahmad Bin Mohammad Seif
• Among many other roles, Dr. Seif’s career is highlighted in the following roles:
• Ex-Deputy to the Minister of Higher Education – Saudi Arabia
• Deputy Director for the Higher Commission of Afaq Plan – A plan aimed at the advancement of Higher Education
• President of Hail University – Saudi Arabia
• – Member of the Shoura Council – Saudi Arabia
• Founding President of Prince Sultan University – Saudi Arabia
• Board Member, Prince Sultan University – Saudi Arabia
• Dr. Seif has a rich history in serving the Saudi community through pivotal roles in various initiatives and commissions in his capacity as both an esteemed engineer and an educator.

Forrest’s Bio for ALS
Forrest Broman is an educator with experience spanning over 50 years. Mr. Broman is currently the CEO of The International Educator (TIE), a leading recruiting site and newspaper for international schools worldwide that he founded 30 years ago, along with the Principals’ Training Center (PTC) one of the leading professional development and training organizations for international educators. Prior to that, Mr. Broman has served as the superintendent of international schools for 22 years. Forrest’s leadership of these schools through very challenging circumstances has won him the praise of the entire school communities in which he served and he is excited to lend his experience to help ALS on its mission of excellence in education and continued growth in the coming years.

Mr. Broman is also dedicated to serving the Children of Haiti Project or COHP a school in Haiti, which he started in 2010 in response to the tragic earthquake that devastated the impoverished island-nation. Mr. Broman plans to devote his time and energy to supporting the school and it’s mission of providing a quality education to Haiti’s most needy children. Forrest’s hobbies include, fishing, spending time with his grandchildren, and traveling around the world visiting family and friends.

Samia Al Farra
Dr Samia Al Farra was the Chief Education Officer of Taaleem Management Group in Dubai till August 2014. Prior to that, she was the Principal of Amman Baccalaureate School for 18 years, which is the first school to offer the IB system in the region. She also served at Al Bayan School in Kuwait in a variety of positions for 13 years and ultimately as a director. She has served as a chairwoman on many school committees. She was a member of the Jordan Ministry of Education Council for 13 years. Samia served as a member of the International Baccalaureate Academic Committee from 1997 – 2003, served on the Head of Schools Committee for 6 years and was a member of the IB Council of Foundation. She is the founding member of the Middle East International Baccalaureate Association (MEIBA), which she was president of for 7 years. She received her Doctorate in Education through Bath University, UK.
Samia served as an elected for the IBO’s Regional Heads Representatives Committee for Africa/Europe and Middle East for the last 4 years. She served as a keynote speaker on many international conferences on International Education. Samia has also chaired and co-chaired accreditation visits for The Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Moreover, Samia is a certified DSIB /KHDA inspector.
In 1995, Samia was awarded by the ECIS for her role in highlighting and promoting International Education. Moreover, she was awarded the education Award-first degree from the MOE in Jordan. Moreover, she has been awarded the “Life Time Achievement Award” as part of the seventh edition of the Gulf Educational Supplies and Solutions (GESS) the Middle East’s largest education exhibition and conference almost two years ago.

Dr. Kamal Naffa
Doctor Kamal Naffa was invited to join the board of ALS Board of Director from the early start of the formation of the school in 2006, and continues presently.
Dr. Kamal Naffa is quite familiar with the Middle East and educational system having graduated from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon and then continued his Masters and PHD Degrees at University of California, Berkeley.
Dr. Kamal Naffa’s career started and ended with his love of teaching as a professor of Philosophy and History at Fullerton Junior College. A tenure professor for over 35 years in California and a sabbatical for one year as a visiting Professor at the University of Jordan in Amman, he devoted his life to education. Dr. Kamal Naffa currently resides back in his homeland of Jordan.

During his professional teaching career, Dr. Kamal Naffa was an advocate of critical thinking and social responsibilities and encouraged his students to embrace different cultures and travel the world. The World is your School.

Mr. Emmanuel John Pavlos:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy (Western Reserve University)
• Master’s Degree in Educational Administration (Case-Western Reserve University)
• Master’s Degree in Mathematics (Boston College)
• Member of the Board of Trustees of The International Educator (TIE).
• Member of the Board of Directors and Senior Consultant of Educational Consulting Associates
• Former Member of the Board of the Near East South Asia Council of International Schools
• Former Commissioner on the Commission of Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association for Accreditation of Colleges and Schools.
• Forty years experience as Head of several International Schools and twenty-five of those years in Islamic countries

Joseph Nasri Jacir
• Born in Bethleham, Palestine
• High School Education : Terra Sancta College – Bethelhem, Palestine
• Master of Business Administration (MBA); University of Chicago – Illinois, USA
• Former Director of Social Welfare and Education with UNRWA – Palestine
• Senior Accountant – Quaker Oats Co., Chicago, Illinois, USA
• Various Administration and Financial Positions with Mawarid Group od Companies, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
• Currently, Senior Financial Advisor to HH Prince Saud Bin Khakis, Deputy Chairman of Projects Group, Mawarid Holding Company, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Khalil Abdullah Al Khalil
• PhD in Education Administration and Leadership from University of Southern California.
• Former Member of Consultative Council.
• Asst. professor at Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University.
• Extensive experience in Educational Leadership, Intercultural Education, Minorities and Modern Islamic Trends.