About Us

The Advanced Learning Schools are private, English language, international day schools that offer a full instructional programme, from Kindergarten to grade 12, for boys and girls who meet the admission requirements. Twenty percent of the curriculum is studied in Arabic: Arabic Language, Arabic Social Studies and Islamic Studies.

The school year consists of two semesters: September to January and February to June. The school calendar is aligned with state, private and international schools. The school day runs from 0730 to 1545, Sunday to Thursday

All of us at ALS strive to create international schools in which attention is paid to the language, culture and history of our host nation. This means that, while local students maintain and develop their place in Saudi society, students from other countries are able to gain first-hand experience of the culture of their host country and all ALS students benefit from being exposed to variety, new experiences and differences of many kinds.

Our Mission

Advanced Learning Schools provides students with an opportunity to acquire and demonstrate knowledge, appreciation and respect for their own cultural heritage, integrated with an understanding of, curiosity about, and compassion and tolerance towards other cultures of the world. It provides an environment that encourages moral development, active and independent learning, analytical thinking, life-long learning, respect for individual differences and sensitivity to the moral, social and environmental requirements of the global community.

ALS Students Appreciate

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    Arabic culture, language and literature

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    Developing personal values while appreciating the values of others;

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    Valuing one’s own culture while understanding and demonstrating respect for the culture of others

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    Understanding multiculturalism within a global society.

We encourage students to:

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    Take part

    Share, cooperate and contribute responsibly to a global society;

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    Develop sensitivity to appropriate work and social relationships consistent with the principle of equal rights, including gender equality;

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    Display sound decision-making skills by reflecting on choices and consequences;

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    Lead a positive, healthy life

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    Care for others as they would have others care for them

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    Share resources

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    Build understanding and trust

ALS students strive for academic excellence by:

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    learning how to learn and discovering the joy of learning;

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    attaining depth and breadth of academic knowledge and understanding;

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    Understanding modern technologies and using them wisely and effectively; and

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    acquiring the academic skills and knowledge required to gain entrance to and success at competitive local and international universities.

ALS students benefit from an international education whereby they:

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    gain historic and contemporary knowledge and understanding of the world through intellectual Endeavour;

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    acquire international understanding by studying and experiencing other cultures while, at the same time, acquiring knowledge of, and appreciation for, their own cultural heritage; and

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    maintain the fluency of their mother tongue while valuing the acquisition of other languages.

ALS students are committed to the spirit of internationalism by:

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    demonstrating respect for human rights and for the principle of equal rights, irrespective of race or gender;

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    Practising tolerance and living together in peace and developing skills for the peaceful resolution of conflict;

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    Understanding their individual responsibilities within society and the relationship between rights and responsibilities; and

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    Providing leadership that demonstrates an awareness of ethical and moral issues.

Organisational Structure

The Advanced Learning Schools have been granted recognition by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education and operate under the governance of a Board of Trustees comprising distinguished professionals involved in government, commerce and education. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the development of the policies that control and direct the nature and the mission of the schools. The Superintendent is the chief administrator of the schools and is responsible for the implementation of policies and practices established by the Board of Trustees; the selection, hiring and placement of staff; and the full complement of day-to-day operational activities necessary for the effective functioning of the schools.
The ALS campus is located in the residential area of Riyadh known as Western Al- Nakheel district, north of King Saud University. The current temporary facility is in a complex of ten purposefully renovated villas and twelve temporary classrooms. These provide accommodation for administration offices, thirty classrooms, three science laboratories, two computer science laboratories, a library, two multi-purpose recreation rooms, two prayer rooms and a staff room. Adjoining the original campus are a soccer field, a volleyball court and a basketball court. In order to accommodate two classes per grade level from Kindergarten to grade 3, a new extension, next to the sports area, was opened in August 2007. The Advanced Learning Schools’ facilities are currently capable of hosting 420 students. Further building will take place as needed until ALS moves to its planned purpose-built facility, which will be able to accommodate 1200 students.
“Our school prides itself in the fact that whilst being an IB World School, it also holds true Islamic values with an emphasis placed on offering a high quality of education in all areas including both Arabic and Islamic Studies for all Muslim students.”Neil Hugo, Superintendent.


ALS Curriculum

The ALS curriculum is organized within four divisions:

  1. Early Primary Years (Kindergarten – grade 3),
  2. Upper Primary Years (grades 4 – 6),
  3. Middle Years (grades 7 – 10), and
  4. Diploma Years (grades 11 – 12).

Performance expectations for each division are specified according to standards and benchmarks recommended by the McREL Institute and the International Baccalaureate, with adaptations for the particular needs and expectations of the Advanced Learning Schools. Each standard defines the essential knowledge and skills students are expected to have acquired by the end of grade 12. The benchmarks state, in more specific language, the skills and knowledge a student should gain by the end of each grade.

These clear statements of standards and benchmarks help to clarify expectations for students and facilitate better communication among teachers, administrators, parents and the larger community.

After-School Activities

As many as twenty-eight different after-school activities are organized each year for all school divisions, ranging from photography to badminton and from Spanish lanuguage to Arabic poetry. Boxing and rugby are more recent additions to the list and the Newspaper Club will soon be going into its third year at ALS. Students may elect to subscribe to more than one activity per semester and may swap after the first week. Teachers donate their time to guide these activities after school.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The school which is recognized by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education is owned and operated under the auspices of the Advanced Learning Company which vests the governance of the schools in a Board of Trustees comprised of highly professional and distinguished members of the Saudi Arabian international, commercial, educational and financial sectors.
The Advanced Learning Schools draws on the best of modern educational practices found throughout the progressive schools of the international network and apply then to a curriculum that is responsive to the needs of the student community. It promotes excellence and focus on the student as a learner in all areas of Endeavour: academic, sports, the arts and student life and at the same time maintaining the essential balance with the family and cultural values of Saudi Arabian society within an international framework.
The Advanced Learning Schools is licensed by the Ministry of Education and is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB).
The schools uniform is worn by students in KG.1, KG.2, Grades 1 to 12 and arrangements have been made for the uniforms to be purchased at the schools.
The annual all-inclusive fee for attendance at the Advanced Learning Schools is SR 60,000. This fee included tuition fees and all textbooks. After a first enrolment, a discount of 10% will be applied to the fees of subsequent enrollees in the same immediate family.
Registration and application forms may be obtained from the schools’ Admissions office in Riyadh, by either contacting the office at:
Tel. number: 2070926 – Ext 102
Fax number: 2070927
Or requesting the forms be mailed, or by emailing the schools at ealdajani@nullalsschools.com
the Advanced Learning Schools strongly believes that school related trips which enhance learning and foster an appreciation for applied learning, are an essential part of the curriculum. Consequently, the schools organize appropriate field trips, both of an academic and social nature, designed to give extended meaning to instruction and to provide the opportunity for students to extend their individual scope and views of life and culture within and outside of Saudi Arabia. Additional student activities such as sports teams, academic contests, performing arts and clubs are organized by the after school activities (ASA) coordinators.
Appropriate arrangements are made within the scope of the schools daily schedule to provide for prayer time.
Since our educational programmes are similar to those of most international schools, transferring to schools abroad should not present any problems.
The schools have experienced counsellors who provide the appropriate advice and counselling to help parents and their children make the right choices for university application. In addition, we have established relationships with the admission offices of universities, to ensure that our students receive whatever assistance is available to help them in the admission process.
The Advanced Learning Schools grants either of two awards. Advanced Learning Schools’ certificate and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Both of these will indicate successful completion of prescribed courses of study, recognized by universities.
The Advanced Learning Schools certifies that a student has satisfactorily completed the requirements of the schools’ standard College Preparatory programme, i.e., the schools’ prescribed units of study in the areas of English, Arabic, Mathematics, Natural Science ICT, Social Science, Islamic Studies, History of the Kingdom and French.
There are numerous advantages to taking the IB curriculum. First, the IB curriculum was originally designed to insure a cohesive, comprehensive education for students, no matter where they lived in the world. Today, that goal is still at the forefront of the IB mission. Students who complete this programme are preparing, not only for success in university, but also for success in life. Students gain a broader world view; follow in-depth approaches to the academic disciplines, and develop time management, problem solving, research, and organizational skills that will remain with them long after the IB experience is over. An additional benefit is that student work is assessed over a two-year period using internationally accepted performance standards.


  Name Position E-mail
1 Neil Hugo Superintendent nhugo@nullalsschools.com
2 Zahra Loubani Superintendent's Personal Assistant & Executive Administrator  zloubani@nullalsschools.com
3 Essam ElSoubky Business and Finance Director  soubky@nullalsschools.com
4 Mohammed Abdul Basith Accountant aali@nullalsschools.com
5 Mohammed Ismail Accountant/Purchasing Officer mismail@nullalsschools.com
6 Enas Mustafa Aldajani Records Officer / Secretary ealdajani@nullalsschools.com
7 Fatima El-Soubky Admission Officer felsoubky@nullalsschools.com
8 Moneer Al Ghamdi  Human Resources Officer mghamdi@nullalsschools.com
9 Saad Alanazi ICT  Officer salanazi@nullalsschools.com
10 Christopher M. Espinosa  ICT  Officer cespinosa@nullalsschools.com
11 Obaid Al-Soubai Government Relations Officer oalsoubai@nullalsschools.com

K-3 & Girls School

Name Position E-mail
Kathy Khayatt Girls’ and K-3  Principal kkhayatt@nullalsschools.com
Joanna Matta Girls' Principal Assistant jmatta@nullalsschools.com
Maysoun Al Salehi IB Officer  malsalhy@nullalsschools.com
Maha Al Hudithi  Girls School Leader malhudaithi@nullalsschools.com
Huda Dodge 4-12 Girls Vice Principal & College Counselor hdodge@nullalsschools.com
Latifa Eladas Grade(4-12) Nurse leladas@nullalsschools.com
Carmen Hill PYP Coordinator/Vice Principal K-3  chill@nullalsschools.com
Hussa Al Assimi               K-3 Administrative Assistant halassimi@nullalsschools.com
Rosemarie Castro Nurse (K-3) rcastro@nullalsschools.com

Boys School

  Name Position E-mail
1 Aaron Kombol Boys’ School Principal akombol@nullalsschools.com
2 Ahmad Zedan Boys' Principal Assistant azedan@nullalsschools.com
3 Murshed Alkharji Boys Schools Leader malkhaji@nullalsschools.com
4 Ahmad Al Khuzai CAS Coordinator/Boys' Vice Principal  akhuzai@nullalsschools.com
5 Oliver Jamie Turay Boys Counselor oturay@nullalsschools.com
6 Eissa Al Sulami Gr(4-12)Boys' Nurse ealsulami@nullalsschools.com

IB Coordinators

  Name Position E-mail
1 Jodi Styre Yaseen MYP Coordinator jstyre@nullalsschools.com
2 Carmen Hill PYP Coordinator/Vice Principal K-3 chill@nullalsschools.com
3 Tania Maana DP Coordinator tmaana@nullalsschools.com

Academic Staff

  Name Position E-mail
1 Abdulrahman Al Sahari Arabic Teacher aalsaharai@nullalsschools.com
2 Fatimah Ammori Arabic A Teacher fammouri@nullalsschools.com
3 Basma Khaleel Aljammal Arabic A/B Teacher& Arabic Coordinator  baljammal@nullalsschools.com
4 Areej Khouli Arabic and  Arabic A Teacher  akouli@nullalsschools.com
5 Hasan Al-Khatib Arabic Teacher halkhatib@nullalsschools.com
6 Mohammed Abu Ayyad  Arabic Teacher mayad@nullalsschools.com
7 Riman Sari Al-Khalaf Arabic Teacher  ralkhalaf@nullalsschools.com
8 Haifa Al Dasi Arabic, SSAW & Arabic Support Teacher haldasi@nullalsschools.com
9 Jennifer Ann Pickering Art  Gr 1,2,7,8Teacher, DP Art Gr12 & Gr8 Homeroom Teacher jpickering@nullalsschools.com
10 Mariam Harb Art  Gr 3,4,5,6,9,10,11 Teacher, DP Art Gr11  Teacher mharb@nullalsschools.com
11 Mohammed Mohammed Art Teacher Gr4-10 &Gr6 Homeroom Teacher mmohammed@nullalsschools.com
12 Farouq Hamdan Biology, Science and Chemistry Teacher fhamdan@nullalsschools.com
13 Michael Barnes DP Psychology, TOK, Social Studies (7-12) Team Leader & Gr11B Homeroom Teacher mbarnes@nullalsschools.com
14 Flona Assafiri English A & Humanities Teacher fassafiri@nullalsschools.com
15 Al Amera Najlaa Tarabein  English A and Humanities Teacher atarabein@nullalsschools.com
16 Jodi Styre Yaseen English A Teacher / Languages (6-12) Team Leader, MYP Coordinator & Gr10 Homeroom Teacher jstyre@nullalsschools.com
17 Maher Al Hasan English Teacher &Gr9/1 Homeroom Teacher malhasan@nullalsschools.com
18 Sandra Bouhamdan EnglishA/B,  HumanitiesTeacher & Gr11 Homeroom Teacher sbouhamdan@nullalsschools.com
19 Diana Tabib French Teacher Gr 4-10 dtabib@nullalsschools.com
20 Claude Sgro French Teacher Gr 4-10 &Gr8 Homeroom Teacher csgro@nullalsschools.com
21 Zinat El Madwar Gr 2-3 Arabic Teacher zabdulaziz@nullalsschools.com
22 Sali  Ghalayini Gr 2C Homeroom Teacher sghalayini@nullalsschools.com
23 Elli Katachana Gr 4/1 Homeroom Teacher  ekatachana@nullalsschools.com
24 Ghazwa Dankar Gr 4/2 Homeroom Teacher  gdankar@nullalsschools.com
25 Eissa Al Sulami Gr(4-12)Boys' Nurse ealsulami@nullalsschools.com
26 Jayne Hugo Gr1A Homeroom Teacher  jhugo@nullalsschools.com
27 Iman Abou Ammo Gr1B Homeroom Teacher Iammo@nullalsschools.com
28 Sara Dib Gr1C Homeroom Teacher sdib@nullalsschools.com
29 Nada Al Baraki Gr2A Homeroom Teacher nalbaraki@nullalsschools.com
30 Dana Alkurdi Gr2B Homeroom Teacher dalkurdi@nullalsschools.com
31 Yamama Saleh Gr3A Homeroom Teacher,  Mathematics and Science (K-5) Team Leader ysaleh@nullalsschools.com
32 Rima Sarieddine Gr3B Homeroom Teacher rsarieddine@nullalsschools.com
33 Lance Evan Gillis Gr4 Homeroom Teacher, LA,UOI & Math egillis@nullalsschools.com
34 Ahmad El Hawari Gr5 Homeroom Teacher, UOI, Math, LA & ahawari@nullalsschools.com
35 Haya Amin Abdulrahim Gr5/1G Homeroom Teacher & Gr6G Drama Teacher hamin@nullalsschools.com
36 Adibe Abou Chale Gr5/2G Homeroom Teacher aabouchale@nullalsschools.com
37 Ahmad Huthaifa Ismail Gr7/1 Homeroom Teacher,English & Humanities hismail@nullalsschools.com
38 Hanaa Majzoub Gr7G Homeroom Teacher, Mathematics & Science Teacher hzain@nullalsschools.com
39 Maher Qanbaz Humanities & English mqanbaz@nullalsschools.com
40 William Stansbury Humanities, English Teacher , CAS Coordinator &Gr12 Homeroom Teacher wstansbury@nullalsschools.com
41 Sarah Al Shuwayrid Islamic Teacher salshuwayrid@nullalsschools.com
42 Sara Al Hadamah Islamic Teacher Gr 4-12 salhadamah@nullalsschools.com
43 Ahmad AL Razouk Islamic, SSAW & Quran  arazouk@nullalsschools.com
44 Rufayda Bani Hamad  IT, ITGS,Design Technology Teacher & Gr6 GHomeroom Teacher  rhamad@nullalsschools.com
45 Mahmoud Salem ITGS, Design Technology, Business and Management Teacher, ICT (K-12) Team Leader  msalem@nullalsschools.com
46 Mohammad Akour ITGS, IT, Design Technology, Math Teacher & ASA Boys Coordinator makour@nullalsschools.com
47 Rasha Osman KG1 Homeroom Teacher rosman@nullalsschools.com
48 Debora Adam KG1-Gr2 PE Teacher  dadam@nullalsschools.com
49 Hiba Tabbara KG2A Homeroom Teacher htabbara@nullalsschools.com
50 Zeina El Baba KG2B Homeroom Teacher zelbaba@nullalsschools.com
51 Fadel Al Faqih Lab Technician falfaqih@nullalsschools.com
52 Elizabeth Steiert Learning Support Teacher esteiert@nullalsschools.com
53 Mohammed Yaseen Math , Math Studies &Gr10 Homeroom Teacher myaseen@nullalsschools.com
54 Tania Maana Math Studies& Physics Teacher , Science (6-12) Team Leader , Gr12G Homeroom Teacher & DP Coordinator tmaana@nullalsschools.com
55 Sofia Oprinoiu Math Study, Business and Management Teacher, ASA (K-12) Girls Coordinator & Gr9G Homeroom Teacher soprinoiu@nullalsschools.com
56 Wassim Fakih Mathematics,  Physics Teacher & Mathematics (6-12) Team Leader  wfakih@nullalsschools.com
57 Sheila Millar PE Teacher Gr 3-10 Girls sanders@nullalsschools.com
58 Ioan Carol Pisoc  PE teacher Gr4-10 & Gr9/2 Homeroom Teacher Ipisoc@nullalsschools.com
59 Ahmad Basha Science ,Math & Gr7/2 Homeroom Teacher abasha@nullalsschools.com
60 Mohammad Saleh Science& Chemistry Teacher & Biology Teacher msaleh@nullalsschools.com
61 Maysam Al Msharrafieh Science, Biology, Chemistry &DP Biology Teacher malmsharrafieh@nullalsschools.com
62 Mohammed Al-Amri SSAW & Arabic Teacher malamri@nullalsschools.com
63 Yemen Hamzeh Sub Teacher yhamzeh@nullalsschools.com
64 Azizah Al Hadyan Teacher Assistant aalhadyan@nullalsschools.com
65 Hala Al-Dukheil Teacher Assistant halsalhy@nullalsschools.com
66 Husa Bin Shulayyil Teacher Assistant hbinshulayyil@nullalsschools.com
67 Lina Al Humaid Teacher Assistant lalhumaid@nullalsschools.com
68 Lydia Wenceslao Teacher Assistant lwenceslao@nullalsschools.com
69 Maribeth Laxa  Teacher Assistant mlaxa@nullalsschools.com
70 Nawal Al-Dwaokh Teacher Assistant naldwaikh@nullalsschools.com
71 Nour Abu Zahra Teacher Assistant nabuzahra@nullalsschools.com
72 Rana Ibrahim Sasi Teacher Assistant rnamosi@nullalsschools.com
73 Reem  Alawi Teacher Assistant ralawi@nullalsschools.com
74 Rhodora Figueroa Teacher Assistant rfigueroa@nullalsschools.com
75 Samar Al  Beiz  Teacher Assistant salbeiz@nullalsschools.com
76 Saniya Fatema Ali Teacher Assistant Sali@nullalsschools.com
77 Shatha Al Rowaili Teacher Assistant salrowaili@nullalsschools.com
78 Mohamed Marzouk Teacher Assistant & Librarian Assistant  mmarzouk@nullalsschools.com

Media Centre

Name Position E-mail
1 Susan Batte Librarian sbatte@alsschools.com
2 Anita Choco Library Assistant achoco@nullalsschools.com

Support Staff

Name Position E-mail
1 Aster Worker
2 Amjad Bkht Zada Driver
3 Essa Habib Facilities Supervisor
4 Faisal Hazeel Security Superviser
5 Ghulam M. Mohammad Driver
6 Jameela Saleh Worker
7 Jamila Mohammad Worker
8 Manoj Mathew Facilities Officer mmathew@nullalsschools.com
9 Mohamed Ahmed Ib Ouf Uniform Supply
10 Muhammad Asif Alam HVAC Technician / Driver aalam@nullalsschools.com
11 Mustafa Nurhussen Berhan Driver mburhan@nullalsschools.com
12 Naser Bakht Zada Doorman for Girls Campus
13 Shroog Najem Albeeshi Security on Girls' Campus
14 Suad Mohammed Worker
15 Zeyneb Ahmed Ibrahim Worker
16 Aish Alharbi Security on K3 Campus
17 Fayyaz Shaik Facilities Officer